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Hello, I'm Imri!

How it all started...

Growing up in the Central New York area, I had the privilege of being raised surrounded by nature, art, theatre, and music, and I was constantly inspired by the artists in my community and in my family. I’ve loved music and performing for as long as I can remember, and theatre was the perfect outlet to express myself.


As an undiagnosed autistic child, making friends and effectively communicating with others was quite the challenge. People always picked up on and consequently treated me differently because of my eccentric and seemingly unusual behaviors. In an attempt to fit in, I learned to suppress these behaviors and adopted the behaviors of those around me, which was ultimately detrimental to my sense of self. On stage, I could free myself from others’ expectations of how I should be, and be my loudest, proudest, most vibrant and whimsical self. In the arts, I found communities where my uniqueness and creativity were valued and embraced, and I knew I wanted to cultivate my passion for theatre into something greater.

This led me to pursue a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre at Syracuse University, where my artistic identity grew and flourished. During my time at Syracuse, I honed my performance skills, as well as swung, wrote, devised, workshopped new works, choreographed, and music directed. For my final semester, I moved to NYC to participate in the Tepper Semester, where I learned from professionals and expanded my artistry in this city teeming with opportunities. I performed in the Lewis Hecker Showcase, and graduated in May of 2022. 


I hope to be involved in new, bold, daring, and imaginative works and theatre that break boundaries and explore the endless possibilities of storytelling. I look forward to working with anyone who wants to build a more equitable and inclusive theatre world.

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